Since 2002, we have brought together the best and brightest general partners investing in and around financial services


The Financial Services Venture Capital Alliance (FSVCA) is comprised of the managing directors of venture capital funds investing in financial technology companies targeting their solutions at the financial services vertical market (among others) who gather together to share common challenges, best practices and market information in their challenging and ever-changing business environment.


Networking - Venture capital organizations that take a vertical market approach to investing make very effective partners because of their specialized knowledge and networks. As a group, these funds have the best chance of discovering, investing in and building dominant enterprise-class companies targeting the financial services industry. As the conduit for discovering progressive and innovative start-ups, our members collectively represent both a source of growth capital and introductions to the largest financial institutions in North America as potential future customers. An important aspect of the FSVCA is face-to-face meetings to establish ongoing working relationships.

Deal Flow - By sharing potential investment opportunities with the group, participants are able to identify co-investment partners and gain introductions to our members' institutions for selling opportunities. In some cases, members may be able to form syndicates, providing the critical mass necessary (capital and revenue) to create dominant industry leading companies.

Knowledge - Creating Value from External Trends - At each meeting of the FSVCA major thought leaders make presentations and foster discussions on events and trends that impact the financial services industry and how these can be translated into investment opportunities.


Attendance at the FSVCA is by invitation only.

Does your firm qualify to attend the FSVCA meeting? 

 The following firms qualify for membership:

  • Dedicated strategic investment groups of major financial institutions (with or without dedicated pools of capital);
  • Wholly-owned or 100% sponsored corporate venture capital units of financial institutions;
  • Independent corporation-sponsored venture capital funds that have a demonstrated strategic alignment/involvement and where the sponsor has provided at least 25% of the capital; and,
  • Independent venture capital funds with a primary or secondary focus on financial services

The FSVCA is a 100% member funded event. While there is no annual membership fee, there is a fee to cover the cost of the event.